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Rick Fox Talks eSports - Jace Hall, Amit Raizada, Stratton Sclavos

Bought for only 1 million dollars and valuation over $250 million dollars according to Fox. Rick Fox thanks Jace Hall, Amit Raizada, Stratton Sclavos, and Khalid Jones for their vision and help grow the eSports Organization. Now the big twist is did Rick Fox use an email that one of the partners sent using a racial slur as an excuse to try and back out of paying bills and debts that he had in the eSports industry? The plot thickens as the company has just received acquisition offers but insider sources say Fox was trying to stop the deal in order to have a 5 million dolllar debt wiped clean. Read more on the esports sale that all started from an Email Amit Raizada sent to Jace Hall earlier this year:

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