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Maryland Systema - Russian Martial Art

We are a certified school in the Washington, DC metropolitan area dedicated to the study of the Russian Martial Art of Systema under the guidance of Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto, Canada.
Our purpose is to offer the public the opportunity to study Russian Martial Art for self-defense, wellness and personal development.
The Russian style of martial art dates back to the 10th century. We teach people how to properly hit, fight on the ground, defend against multiple attackers and mobs, escape from locks, chokes and holds, use everyday objects as improvised weapons, defend against strikes and kicks, protect others, fight in confined spaces, and even defend against a wide variety of weapons including knives, sticks, bats, guns and chains.

We also teach a variety of breathing techniques to help you relax and remain calm (inside and outside of our class), coupled with a wide variety of drills and mobility exercises to help you move like a much younger person!

We welcome all fitness and skill levels, even if you have zero self-defense or martial arts experience. Classes are open to anyone 18 years or older, and there are no contracts, no uniforms and no equipment to buy.

Your first class is free!

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